Traffic Control Management and Services


Fortade developed a full traffic control and management service in response to a growing requirement to keep our personnel, plant and machinery, and the public, safe whilst working on the roads and rails. We incorporated East Coast Traffic Control Pty Ltd and now offer the service on its own or as part of a package with other services. For clients, this means one phone call and we can manage all of the job requirements.
Our traffic control team can provide Traffic Management Plans (TMP) and Traffic Control Plans (TCP) created with specialist software. These plans enable the safe, structured flow of traffic and so working near the road or road easement can be undertaken with a minimal of disruption.

East Coast Traffic Control Pty Ltd also supplies fully trained and qualified Traffic Controllers and can implement traffic management plans with our fleet of vehicles, Cones, bollards, Barrier Boards, Hazard Lamps and Temporary road signage.


Traffic Control and Management Services include:


  • Package work
  • Labour hire
  • Traffic equipment e.g. VMS boards, traffic lights
  • Stop/Go personnel
  • Road Closures
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Auditing


East Coast Traffic Management Pty Ltd is N.S.W Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) registered and accredited and provides our traffic control services to local organisations, councils, state government agencies and private companies.


Safe and well managed work sites are essential. Make sure you’re working safe and contact us today.


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