On Track and Off Track Rail Earthmoving


Fortade Rail are the on-track and off-track rail earthmoving specialists within the Fortade group of Companies. With huge experience and specialist skills honed over the last decade, Fortade Rail are industry leaders in on-track and off-track rail earthmoving.


On-track and off-track rail earthmoving services include:


  • Cess drains
  • 4 foot and 5 foot (Work in the 5 foot, beside the track or the 4 foot within the track)
  • Embankment repairs
  • Undercutting
  • Rail realignment
  • Tampering
  • Rail Protection Officers


Fortade Rail also offer Rail Protection Officers Level 1-4 and Hand signalling Levels 1 and 2. We also excel in providing track certifiers and project management for works involving rail.

Fortade Rail works on the rail networks from Newcastle area through to Broadmeadow in South East Queensland out to the North western slopes and plains.


Keep on track with Fortade Rail Earthmoving professional services.


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